Thursday, January 31, 2013

Well my blog has caused all sorts of consternation in the family.  We are sorting it out, but it takes FOREVER.  I can at least report that on my 2012 list, I finished a French General quilt for my granddaughter who is bilingual;Happy Boots for my six-year-old granddaughter, and three others  quilt were finished and delivered.  Now for 2013:  we moved, I'm behind and just today am starting to cut out my first quilt of the New Year.  I'm making a cat quilt and I am not a cat person.  However, we lost our dog this year and I made two dog quilts for the vets room where you go to say goodby to your pet.  They needed a cat quilt too so I promised them when I left town that one would be on it's way.  A sad, but satisfying, way to start back into working again.  After that, I'm going to head into the purples for a grandaughter Number One as she is having her room redecorated.  The the family wants a "giant" quilt to cover up at hockey games.  That will get started but not high on list so will be readyfor fall.  And I'll continue with my quilt which always gets put on hold--William Morris.  That should keep me going through February when I'll be more organized--we all hope.  PLUS I should have pictures then. 

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